Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Butterflies, Flowers and Rainbows

Sr. Mary walked in the door and smelled the bacon.  She knew the kids would be excited because it was a bacon and eggs breakfast and that always made them happy.

K. finished her breakfast then waited patiently as the others finished theirs.  When Sr. Mary walked in the dining room, K. looked at her anxiously and asked if it was time to leave for school.  Sr. Mary told her it was and K. got up from the table to get ready.

K. knew the routine.  First put on the shoes, grab her bookbag then wait for Sr. Mary to strap in her booster seat.  Once buckled in, she and Sr. Mary went over the “business” of the morning.  Sr. Mary told her what vehicle to look for after school that would be picking her up to go home.  For just a moment, K. hesitated, then asked, “Am I going home after school?” 

Sr. Mary noted the concern in her voice and told her no, that she was coming back to Blessing House.  K. replied, “Oh, good.”

After a few moments, K. spoke.  “I had a dream last night.”

Sr. Mary answered her, “Oh, really, K.?  What was your dream.”

K. told her story.
“I was outside playing, then it started to rain so I was going to have to go inside.  But when I was getting ready to go in, all at once butterflies started to fly everywhere.  Then flowers started to pop out of the ground.  Then I looked up and there was a rainbow in the sky.”

“Wow,”  Sr. Mary said.  “That must have been so pretty.”

K. went on.  “And when I looked at the other side of the rainbow, there was Blessing House.  Then I woke up.”

Who knows what this child would normally dream at night.
But for one night butterflies, flowers and rainbows turned her fantasy world into a reality for her.  She didn’t want the night’s reality to end.

As K. got out of the van, she turned to Sr. Mary and waved.
“See you later!”
Sr. Mary answered, “Yes you will.  Have a great day!”

The dreams of a child.